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Better Days // Run From The Day split EP


released July 3, 2015

Recorded by Tyler Postiglione
Additional instrumentation and production by Tyler Postiglione
Cover art by Erin Ryan / Tiny Homes Photography
Song 2 originally by the Mountain Goats, song 4 originally by T Swift
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better days

the music project of James Jaskolka // a constant work in progress.

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Track Name: Erasure (demo)
You look in the mirror to find a distorted reflection
A face that you don't recognize
A name you won't speak
You're tracing your fading laugh lines with no recollection
of just how or when your whole future started looking so bleak

You're painting that halfhearted smile you got from your Mother
with the lipstick that your sister gave you when you turned 13
You tucked it away, kept it secret out of fear from your Father
He said "Ain't no son of mine gonna grow up to be a damn freak"

He said "Stop playing those games, take off that makeup
It's time to wash your face of what you think you are"

You never did feel like the daughter you know your mom wanted
You didn't quite fit in her image or that hand-me-down dress
You cut off your hair in the kitchen with a new pair of scissors
but you still felt so crushed under all that old weight on your chest

She said "Stop playing those games, go put on your makeup
Wipe the dirt from off your face, girls don't act that way"

You fell asleep on the sidewalk from a third story window
to prove that a heart carved its own way is still a heart that can bleed
The concrete was cracked all around your smashed skull like a pillow
You finally looked like the child they wanted to see